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Government procurement processes are designed to encourage competition and promote the efficient, effective and ethical use of government resources. In addition to winning new business, contracting with Government can offer many advantages to your business, including:

  • A. valuable reference that may assist you to secure contracts in the private sector.
  • B. Experience gained is a strong selling point to other public authorities.
  • C. Provides a reliable source of business.

Tender Process:

Open Tendering:

An open tendering process is an invitation to tender by public advertisement. There are no restrictions placed on who can submit a tender, however, suppliers are required to submit all required information and are evaluated against the stated selection criteria.

Close Tendering:

A select tender is only open to a select number of suppliers. The suppliers may be a short list sourced from an open tender or be a compilation of businesses that the organization has worked with previously. Multi-stage Tendering: Multi-stage tendering is used when there are a large number of respondents. At each stage in the process, the suppliers are called to those who are most suited to the specific contract requirements.

For more information on Haryana Government tendering, visit the https://haryanaeprocurement.gov.in/ and  https://etenders.hry.nic.in website. All Haryana Government business opportunities, future tenders, corrigendum and bid awarded are published on https://haryanaeprocurement.gov.in/ and https://etenders.hry.nic.in

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