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Haryana State Electronics Development Corporation Limited

(A State Government Undertaking)


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  • The State Data Centre (SDC) has been identified as one of core infrastructure projects under NeGP of Government of India. The proposal for setting up of Haryana State Data Centre was approved by Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology Government of India and categorized as the large State Data Centre.
  • The Haryana state data centre is implemented by Hartron and has been built on an area of 4196 sq ft with a server area of 941.56 sq ft. This data centre is co-located with State Network Management Centre which has been already established under Haryana State Wide Area Network at New Secretariat Haryana, Sector 17, Chandigarh.
  • The data centre is fully equipped to host/co-locate systems (e.g. Web Servers, Application Servers, Database Servers, SAN, and NAS etc.)/applications/services of various departments. This State Data Centre facilitates hosting of multiple applications centrally with high availability, centralized authenticating system to authenticate the users to access their respective systems, as a Central data repository, provide Secure Data Storage, Online Delivery of Services, Citizen Information/Services Portal, State Intranet Portal, Remote Management and Service Integration, etc., as well as ensuring that computing resources & the support connectivity infrastructure (Haryana State Wide Area Network) is adequately and optimally used.
  • This data centre has been formally declared operational on 14.08.12. Many departments of the State Government have either hosted or co-located their applications in this data centre.
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