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Personnel & Administration Division

The scope of Personnel & Administration is quite wide. It includes all activities which help the management in getting the work done by staff in the best manner possible to accomplish the organizational objectives. The main objective in any organization is the optimum utilization of available resources. Personnel &Administration is primarily concerned with the organization of men; therefore, the main objective may be summarized as to utilize the available human resources in a way so as to get the work done effectively to the maximum satisfaction of the individual worker to seek their cooperation in accomplishing the general goals of the organization.

The objectives of personnel & Administration can be classified into General objectives and specific objectives.

General Objectives 

Maximum individual development:- The employer should always be careful in developing the personality of each individual. Employer should establish and support such human values that may have social recognition and importance. The objective of Personnel &Administration as a bridge between the Management and the employees is to keep the Management apprised of positive accomplishments and warning signals in the personnel practices.

Desirable working relationship between employer and employee:- It is the major objective of Personnel & Administration to achieve a desirable working relationship between the employer and the employees so that they may cooperate with the management. Both of them must rely on each other.

The Personnel & Administrator Division should get it realized to the top Management that personnel should be given fair and equitable treatment and on the other hand, convey to the workers that they should cooperate in achieving the goals of the Management.

Specialized services:- The Administrator provides the tools such as record keeping, policy making, controlling and advising

Molding of human resources:- Human beings is the most important resource and the only active factor which engages all other factors of production. Therefore, the Administrator should emphasize the effective utilization of human resources as compared to physical resources so that productivity is optimized. Other factors of productivity will be ineffective without effective molding of human resources.

Specific objectives

  • Selection of the right type and number of persons.
  • Proper orientation and introduction of new employees to their jobs.
  • Organization of suitable training facilities.
  • Provision of better working conditions and facilities.
  • Provision of sound, fair and effective wage and salary administration and incentives.
  • Personnel research.

Duties of Personnel Staff

In a dynamic working environment, the boundaries of any role cannot be clearly defined. However, the duties of Personnel Staff may be described as under.

As a Service Provider:- Providing information on market statistics of personnel availability, pay rates, etc. Interpret the complex laws and legislations. Employment and placement the complex laws and legislations. Employment and placement programs, employee compensation programs, training and development programs, labour relations could be stated to be the duty as a service provider. It must be noted that there will often be an overlap between the different roles that a Personnel Staff may assume. 

As a facilitator:- Advices the supervisors on employee problems, facilitates training and development and when performance appraisals are done. One of the responsibilities of Personnel Staff is also to ensure that other managers who undertake such activities are well equipped to do so.

As a Consultant:- To help the supervisors resolve problems due to lack of motivation, lack of training, grievances, etc.

As an auditor:- To ensure that all members of the Management perform their respective roles, to determine whether personnel policies and procedures are being administered uniformly by supervisors.

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