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The Instrument Design Development and Facilities Centre (IDDC) was established at Ambala by Hartron with UNDP/UNIDO assistance to provide the assistance to Scientific Instrumentation Industry to upgrade and new design development of their products with latest technology in Optics, Opto-Electronics, Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical fields.

  • IDDC is recognized as R&D laboratory for technological research ,test and calibration by Deptt. of Industrial Research(DSIR),DST, Bureau of Indian Standard and National Accreditation Board of Laboratories (NABL).
  • Two R&D Centers of HARTRON namely Electronics Research Development and Facilities Center (ERDC) and Precision Mechanical Design and Facilities Centre (PMDF) were synergized with the activities of IDDC Ambala in 2004.
  • IDDC is catering the following services to the Scientific Industry ,Research Institution and Academic Institutions in the fields of Optics, Opto –Electronics ,Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical :
    • Design and Development of Instruments
    • Test and Calibration to maintain and to upgrade quality of Instruments
    • Prototype Development of Sub-Assemblies and Complete Instrument
    • Production aids and Support services like- Vacuum Coating Facility, Optical Work -shop assistance
    • Specialized technical training in optics, Opto –Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Science and Electronics area with assistance of Govt. Of India and state sponsored training programmes
    • Medical and Electronics Equipment repair and servicing in Govt. Hospitals
    • Mechanical Workshop Facilities
    • Implementation of “TECHNOPRENEUR PROMOTION PROGRAMME (TePP) through Deptt. of Scientific Industrial Research (DSIR) to promote the technical innovation to develop product from individual Idea
  • IDDC has developed various precision optical components ,Optical /Electronics Subassemblies and assemblies for Binocular Sights, Rifle Sights, Tank’s Night Vision Devices and Laser Range Finders for different Defence Organizations i.e Deptt of Defence supplies, Ordnance factory, Opto- Electronics Factory, Instruments Research Development Establishment (IRDE),Terminal Ballast Research Laboratories etc..
  • The Centre has also developed many import substitute Optics for Avionics. IDDC’s Optical Group fabricated precision grade optics for MIG-23,MIG27 (KLEN GLASS Window –Tested and pass by Thales Corporation, France-Manufacturer of Avionics Optics for MIRAGE FIGHTER PLANES) and Jaguars planes of Indian Air Force.
  • The developed components not only replaced original components but in some case were better than the supplied components of Principal. The Center is continuously supplying Rear View Prisms (a component of MIG Series aircraft) to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Nasik for last 12 years.
  • IDDC has developed and supplied in 2011 Optical Spheres ( Optical Window of Laser guided Missiles and Laser guided Bombs) against a prestigious Research Project of IRDE (R D Lab. of Ministry of Defence ).The Optical Spheres were developed for the first time in the country .The Optical Spheres enhance the capability and compatibility of missile to strike target with pin point precision accuracy. In 1989, The Center developed a large field of view telescope for DRDO, Hyderabad to monitor the tracking of long range sub- continental missiles and was facilitated on Republic day (NRDC Award ). The Center also provided assistance to Scientific Industry and Institutions by developing nearly 30 odd products .

The center is providing its Test and Calibration facilities to Govt. and Industrial units. In 2011-12 nearly 160 industries utilized T&C facilities and more than 1400 equipments were calibrated and approximate 150 Instruments were tested .

The center is also providing training facilities in various areas to technical students, Rural Youths and Women, Resettlement of Defence Personnals through various sponsored training programmes. In 2011-12 nearly 625 candidates participated in various training programmes of IDDC .

Besides the R&D assignments, The Center is also associated with commercial activities of Energy Bills Generation for UHBVNL and preparation of Elector Identity Cards for HARTRON to generate much needed revenue to sustain its R&D work .The center also assist HARTRON in field work and implementation of its IT project in different areas of State (SWAN ,IT education for SC/ST Students in Govt. Colleges & Women Empowerment ).